The Late David Turpin has recently released the video for his new single The Hotel, and you can watch it here and find out more from the man himself.

The Hotel is taken from his new album, We Belong Dead.

Turpin says of the song and video: "As far as I can remember, some of the lines in the song came directly from a dream. So with the video, I wanted to make something that felt dream-like. I love songs and videos that hint at things; that give you fragments and invite you to create something around them with your own imagination."

He continues: "We shot everything on location in Co Wicklow on a beautiful spring day. It was great to go there because one of the visual inspirations for the video, John Boorman's film Zardoz, was also shot in Wicklow.

"The terrifying man with the axe is my own brother, and the other performers, Julie Shanley and Jack Shanley, are brother and sister. Jack choreographed their movement piece, which is supposed to blur their identities so it becomes hard to tell them apart from each other. You might be surprised by who is who in some of the close-up shots."