Masters of the head melt Mastodon release their new album Once More 'Round the Sun on Friday June 20, and we have the video for new single High Road.

Speaking about the song, guitarist Bill Kelliher said: "I wrote that on a day off while we were on tour in Luxembourg. I was sitting in this rainy city on a Sunday, and nothing was open. I felt like I needed to write something to reflect how I was feeling. I started banging on a guitar. I was thinking Neurosis and The Melvins low-tuned with a little more pop sensibility for the chorus."

Drummer Brann Dailor added: "You can headbang to that one for days. I love the simplicity of it. Lyrically, it's an angry number where you want to see someone destroyed. It's heavy-handed in that sense, but it's the fantasy I felt at the time."

See if you agree!

Once More 'Round the Sun