Arctic Monkeys have scrapped plans for a new album this year, saying that people "may want to forget" about the band for a while.

They had previously hinted that they wanted to make a quick follow-up to 2013's hit album AM, but it looks like the band won't be returning to the studio in the near future.

Speaking to NME, bassist Nick O'Malley, said: ''We did have the chat but I don't think it's going to be happening. There are no plans for another record.

''I think people might want to forget about the Monkeys for a while. But who knows? We'll have a bit of time off and someone will say, 'Fancy doing another one?'''

Meanwhile, frontman Alex Turner said he's still not over the success of AM, adding: ''I don't know what happens after the tour ends. I'm still pretty wrapped up in AM. We're still slapping each other on the back for that one."