Coldplay have launched an international scavenger hunt for handwritten lyrics from their new album, Ghost Stories, ahead of its release on May 16.  

The band have hidden lyrics to all nine of their new songs in "haunted tales" at libraries around the world, beginning with a library in Mexico City.

The band sent Mexican fans racing to the English literature section of the city's Vasconcelos library yesterday (April 28), where one fan found the handwritten lyrics to recent Coldplay single Magic secreted in a copy of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

The rest of the eight sets of lyrics are in unnamed cities "across the planet" with one envelope containing a "golden ticket" with a chance to see Coldplay perform at London's Royal Albert Hall on July 1. 

The rumours that the golden ticket is hidden, somewhere in Dublin, in an original copy of Dracula by Dubliner Bram Stoker start here...