Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has been talking about her character Arya's growing brutality saying fans can expect to see her crossing more names off her list.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Williams said, "The hint [about Arya's future] would be there are more people that are gonna get crossed off the list [of intended victims].

"That's kind of the biggest hint I can give and more of that - this new Arya. We've now introduced this new Arya. It's not like she's lost at all, she's just completely grown and is now much better - doing much better off."

Williams added that The Hound is having a different effect on her in comparison to her other friends throughout the series so far, "They all softened her. That's the thing, I think she realises that actually, they were great and, she learned a lot, but they weren't effective, if you understand what I mean.

"Saying the names is great, but I haven't actually killed anyone yet, and with The Hound, brutality kills, do you know what I mean?"

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