Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suárez has interviewed Paul McCartney ahead of the music legend's show in Montevideo.

In the video link-up, Suárez asked McCartney about Liverpool's cultural highlights, what he liked about Uruguay and this summer's World Cup in Brazil.

The footballer also joked with McCartney about whether he would support Uruguay after they knocked England out of the competition.

McCartney replied: "England are not going to be defeated by Uruguay, I'm sorry. England are going to win the World Cup. You know that, I know that, we all know that but please dedicate a goal to me anyway."

Suárez also told McCartney that he would love to attend the concert in Montevideo and asked him if he could call Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers and tell him that he would be home in time for Sunday's match against Norwich.

McCartney replied: "Coach, listen let Luis come out here. We'll show him a good time."

McCartney continued: "We are going to have a great party in Montevideo, we'll get him on a plane, he will not be tired - he will be happy but not tired - and we'll get him back in time for the game... promise."