An autographed manuscript of Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninov's Second Symphony with an estimated value of up to £1.5 million is to be sold at auction in London.

The extensive score features corrections and crossing-out done by the composer’s own hand, annotations and brief notes. The revisions are executed in ink, pencil and red and blue crayon.

This is the second time Sotheby's has attempted to sell the 320-page music manuscript. In 2004, it transpired that the manuscript which had been thought lost for almost 100 years was in the care of an unnamed European collector.

A foundation subsequently bought it, after which it resided in the British Museum. Now the manuscript is once again on sale.

The last sale that bore some comparison occurred in 1994 when Schumann's autographed manuscript for Symphony Number 2 in C Major sold for £1.48 million.

Sergei Rachmaninov was born in 1873 in Russia. He died in Beverly Hills, California on March 28, 1943.