The Mayo-based satellite television channel IrishTV says it will create 150 new jobs when it extends its broadcasting hours next month as part of a €15m expansion.

From May 1, IrishTV will broadcast across Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe on Sky Channel 191 and Freesat; in the United States on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and on

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, the station will feature 50 unique home-produced programmes a week, with original content across genres each night from 6-12pm.

As part of the schedule, each Irish county will have its own weekly half-hour show, County Matters.

Irish TV will also air specific RTÉ Digital content, focussing on news and politics.

Irish TV CEO Pierce O'Reilly said: "The theme of the County Matters shows is simple - Irish rural life is unique, with its own cultures, traditions and events. At the heart of these events are people, and wherever people gather, we'll be there.

"Three people will be employed in each county in production, presentation and commercial positions on the County Matters shows, while an initial 34 staff will be based at IrishTV headquarters in Westport, with a further five in our northern office in Donaghmore, Tyrone.

"Internationally, 10 people will be employed across three UK offices in Manchester, Liverpool and London and an initial five in IrishTV's US base in Cleveland, Ohio.

"With a focus on connecting people to their locality, IrishTV aims to shine a light on rural Ireland and bring the real essence of Irish life to a worldwide audience.

"So whether you're from Cavan, Carlow, Cork or Clare, there is at least half-an-hour's worth of programming a week bringing your local area to you, wherever you are in the world."