Game of Thrones star Rory McCann has joked that it's very easy to play The Hound because the early mornings in hair and make-up make him grumpy anyway.

The star told Rolling Stone, "The reality is, I'm the first guy on set because of this ****ing make up. So I'm getting done for three hours, then I'm getting my breakfast, and I've been up for six hours before there's even a suggestion of getting on set.

"I end up this big ****ing grumpy b***** most of the time. 'Kill that guy? Sure.' [Laughs] It's very easy to be The Hound."

McCann also recalled a night after filming in Iceland that he was able to use his character to get out of trouble with the police. "It was our last night in Iceland, it was my one night out, and we got stopped by the police [laughs]. We were all in a van, we had a designated driver, and we were all drunk – but for Maisie [Williams who plays Arya Stark], of course – and singing.

"The police stopped us, he had his hand on the holster, and the driver went, 'It's the cast of Game of Thrones'. [Police officer said] 'Oh yeah? Open up!' I had the nearest seat. I've obviously had a few drinks, and I'm very excited. He looks at me, and I go, 'Hello, I'm The Hound!' And he looks and says, 'Hello, Hound. You enjoy Iceland?' I said a few things in Icelandic and he's like, '**** yeah. Well, you have a good time!' And we went on singing."

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