The two scriptwriters behind the Emmy award-winning drama Game of Thrones met while studying in Dublin.

Dan Weiss and David Benioff became close friends when they were both students at Trinity College Dublin in 1995, where they studied postgraduate Irish literature.

Weiss recalls: "I decided that school was a safer place to be, so I went to Trinity College in Dublin, to study Anglo-Irish literature, and that was where I met David.

“We were two American Jews in Dublin, with no Irish roots of any kind, obsessed with Irish literature and trying to find a functional gym in Dublin in 1995, which is not something that most Irish people in 1995 were all that preoccupied with.”

Benioff came to Trinity with the intention of becoming a university teacher. “I wanted to be a college professor,” he recalls. “So I decided to get my masters in literature with the thought that I would then go on to get my PhD back in the States.

The pair remained friends after they returned to the US. Weiss recalls: “After Trinity, I went back to school in Iowa to get an MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) in creative writing, and David went to Irvine to do the same thing, and we stayed in touch and both ended up here.”

Game of Thrones season four begins tomorrow (Monday 7) on Sky Atlantic.