Game of Thrones star John Bradley has said fans will see a different side to his character Sam Tarley in season four of the hit HBO show.

Bradley told The Hollywood Reporter, "Going into season four, Sam senses his own self-worth. He demands more respect from those around him. Whether he gets that... that's a different matter."

He continued, "When I first read these scripts for season four, there were parts in it where you see Sam in a different light than you've ever seen before. There are moments early on in season four where certain parts of Sam's neuroses and his paranoia and some of the less appealing aspects of his personality come to the fore for the first time.

"For the first time we see him make some pretty selfish, self-centred decisions that are beneficial to nobody and could be utterly catastrophic."

Game of Thrones season four returns to Sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday, April 7, simulcasting with the US premier on Sunday night. It will be shown again at 9pm Monday and will be available to Sky On Demand customers.