Rosanne Cash returns to Dublin for a gig at Vicar Street on April 27 on the back of her award-winning The River & the Thread album, which explores the myths and realities of her native city of Memphis and the Mississippi.

The 11 songs on the accalimed record blend pop and Tennessee flattop twang with gospel, blues and a tincture of jazz, exploring the blissful mystery and ancient griefs of the South.

“It’s inconceivable that there will be a more beautiful album than this in 2014,” Elton John declared of The River & the Thread.

A requent visitor to this country, 58-year-old Rosanne is the daughter of the late Johnny Cash and for over 30 years has been a major, much-respected figure on the Nashville scene. She has also attracted praise in recent years as a short story and essay writer.

"My life has been circumscribed by music," she wrote in her memoir, Composed. "I have learned more from songs than I ever did from any teacher in school. They are interwoven and have flowed through the most important relationships in my life - with my parents, my husband, and my children."