The Human League are set to achieve an unlikely return to the UK charts this weekend with their classic Don’t You Want Me.

The band's 1981 number one single has appeared in the iTunes top five on the back of a campaign organised by supporters of Scottish football club Aberdeen.

Aberdeen fans have changed the lyrics to the track to ‘Peter Pawlett Baby’, in honour of the club’s star midfielder.

Since winning the Scottish League Cup last Sunday (March 16), the club’s supporters have launched campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to get the song to number one for a second time.

Earlier today, the song had reached as high as number four in iTunes, and has managed to make number 21 in the official chart update.

The Human League themselves are now supported the campaign, posting on Facebook, stating: “Amazing stuff you Aberdeen FC fans, simply amazing.

“Best of luck with your campaign and here's hoping the club appreciate your creativity and support as much as we do.”

The band later released a statement, saying: “For us to be waking up this morning to find Don't You Want Me at number 5 on the iTunes singles chart was absolutely amazing and has to rank as one of the biggest surprises of our career to date, which after over 35 years in the music business is really saying something.

“We are slightly stunned but at the same time very honoured that the fans of Aberdeen FC have chosen our song as their anthem to Peter Pawlett and their achievement in getting it so high in the charts in the space of just one day is a real testament to both their dedication to their club and to this player in particular.

“Speaking as a band who have always enjoyed a deeply loyal and enthusiastic fan base of our own we know just how important the fans really are and what a difference they can make.”

Here's the classic video for Don't You Want Me: