Veteran rockers Metallica unveiled a new song called The Lords of Summer in Bogata, Columbia over the weekend. Have a look here.

The eight-minute plus song is classic Metallica. The band recently said they do not have a planned release date for their new album.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, guitarist Kirk Hammett said: "We've jammed on certain bits and pieces of music and figured out this piece of music works, this works, this doesn't."

"But we're still going through that process. James [Hetfield] has 800 pieces of music. I have 400 pieces of music.

"Once we figure out what pieces of music are actually gonna work for us, then we're going to start turning those pieces of music into songs and seeing where that leads us."

Metallica's last album was 2011's collaborative project Lulu, which paired them with the late Lou Reed.