Fair City's Yvonne has been tormented for months by Martin Baxter, haunted by his horrific attack, and now the day has arrived for his trial. But it remains to be seen if the jury will find Yvonne's tormentor innocent or guilty.

Fair City viewers were horrified a number of months back when soap favourite Yvonne Doyle, played by actress Ciara O'Callaghan, was raped by Martin Baxter a man she met online.

Speaking about tonight's episode, Ciara said: "Yvonne has been put through the wringer over the last couple of weeks in the lead up to and during the trial.

“The defence team throw everything they have at Yvonne to make her look guilty, dragging up details from her chequered past to use against her in court."

However things take a turn for the worse when Bob, under pressure for Martin's lawyer, blurts out the wrong thing and puts the verdict in jeopardy. Tune in tonight to Fair City on RTÉ One, at 8pm to find out if justice will be served.

Speaking about working on such a sensitive storyline, Ciara praised the writers and storyline team saying: "They did a superb job conveying this story; it’s a fictional storyline but a real-life problem so it’s really important to get it right and I hope viewers feel we have done that.”