Despite last night's BAFTA win for Philomena Steve Coogan has said that he isn't giving up on Alan Partridge.

After collecting the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, with his co-writer Jeff Pope, told media at the event: "I don't want to abandon Alan Partridge. I just want to show I can do something else.

"I quite like the Alan Partridge pony - I like riding it occasionally. I'll do something else with Partridge, but I want to do other things.

"What gets me out of bed in the morning is to do something challenging that might fail."

He added that he will not be starring in all of the upcoming projects that his production company is working on: "Some of the projects we're developing [with Baby Cow Productions], I don't think there's anything for me in them.

"They're for women - they're good, strong roles for women and I'm not a woman."