One Direction say they have become more confident in social situations since becoming famous.

The British/Irish five-piece of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson think their confidence has dramatically improved since they took part in The X Factor in 2010.

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine, Liam said: ''I think for me - and for you, Zayn - we weren't that confident and because you have to talk to so many people it gives you so many more people skills.

"When I used to go to family parties as a kid I couldn't hold a conversation. Even with my own uncle. So it's nice that I've now got those skills.''

Zayn added: "We do find it a bit easier to carry ourselves and speak to people - it's cool.''

However, Niall and Harry joked that it's all ''downhill'' for them now because they've reached their twenties.

Niall said: ''Like getting on stage - last year alone we did over 100 shows. So that helps with confidence. But I think we've all become our own people now because we're at that age where we're all turning 20 and we are who we are now, I guess.''

Harry added: ''We're over the hill, he's trying to say. It's all downhill from here!''