Taylor Swift has said that any material she has already written for her next album probably won't make it onto the completed record.

Swift previously said that she's written a lot of new songs for her next project but now plans to give herself more time to write so it doesn't end up sounding too similar to her latest album Red.

She told the Daily Star, "I basically like to write for about two years before I finish with an album. I know whatever I write about at this point is going to get thrown away.

"I'm probably going to like it but it's going to sound a little too much like the last project I had. It's only by the second year in that it ends up sounding like the next project."

She added, "You need to challenge yourself and trust your influences. I need to be inspired by different things. At this point I feel like staying the same would be the easy way to go but it's not the way that I was to go creatively."