Roberto Saviano (Gomorrah) returns with a blistering, no-holds-barred account of the international cocaine trade entitled, Zero Zero Zero.

34-year old Roberto Saviano is the fearless author of the international bestseller, Gomorrah, a work of investigative journalism which has sold over ten million copies. The book been translated into over fifty languages. Saviano has been living under police escort protection since October 2006, following threats received from the criminal organizations that he denounced in Gomorrah, the so-called Camorra. 

Following police investigations, the Italian Minister for Interior, Affairs Giuliano Amato assigned Saviano a personal bodyguard and advised him to leave Naples. In autumn 2008, it was revealed that certain individuals had schemed to murder Saviano and his police escort with a bomb by Christmas of that year. The killing was to take place on the Rome-to-Naples autostrada. The same year, six Nobel Prize-winning authors and intellectuals formally declared their support for Saviano in a newspaper article. The list included Orhan Pamuk, Dario Fo, Rita Levi Montalcini, Desmond Tutu, Günter Grass, and Mikhail Gorbachev. The same year he was invited by the Nobel Committee to give a lecture.

In his new book Zero Zero Zero – to be published in English translation shortly, by Allen Lane - Saviano forensically examines the international cocaine trade. He investigates the evolution of cocaine trafficking, from Mexican drug cartels to money laundering, through Wall Street and the City of London.The author follows the human trail of users, victims, traffickers, and perpetrators. 

Fellow Italian author Umberto Eco has dubbed Saviano "a national hero." The New York Times has similarly enthused: “After reading Saviano, it becomes impossible to see Italy, and the global market, in the same way again.”

Le Parisien too has heartily endorsed the author's crusade. "Saviano has an astonishing ability to write luminously yet subtly about terrible things,"  declared the French newspaper.