Chris Tarrant says he'd like to see Carol Vorderman take over as host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire if it is ever resurrected.

67-year-old Tarrant has presented the show for 15 years and has ruled out returning after it ends in the New Year. However, he believes 52-year-old Vorderman would be the perfect host if it ever came back.

"Carol Vorderman is the most scary woman on earth - terrifying -bless her," he told The Sun. "Carol did the first ever celebrity Millionaire and it was much tougher because in those days we didn't give them a friend.

"She was on her own - me and her eyeball to eyeball. And she was so good. I think it'd be quite good to have a woman do it."

Vorderman will partner actress Caroline Quentin in tonight's live Millionaire celebrity show at 9.00pm on ITV, along with Sir Alex Ferguson and Eamonn Holmes, and Kian Egan and Rebecca Adlington in a bid to win big money for charity.

Tarrant pre-recorded the episodes due to air in 2014 and he says tonight's edition will be emotional for him to watch.

"I will be sad actually. We have had so many amazing nights together in 15 years so a lot of it'll be about that. The show itself has been fantastic.

"If you'd said to me in 1998, 'How long do you think this'll last Chris?' I'd have said to you, 'I don't know, we might get three years.' So the fact that it's 15 years is just colossal."