He may have produced the lead singler on her new album, but OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder has revealed that he only found out about the release of Beyoncé's new album 90 minutes before it hit iTunes.

The 34-year-old musician worked with Queen Bey on new single XO which features on her self-titled fifth studio album which had a surprise release this week.

Speaking on The Voice USA Tedder, said: "I knew 90 minutes before it dropped. Ninety minutes. And I said nothing because I love Beyoncé and I don't want her to hate me.

"I heard a rumour and then I didn't say anything. I told my wife, 'I think Beyoncé's album is dropping in 90 minutes.'"

He added: "Then I knew that XO was on the album. I knew it was a single. I didn't know if it was first or second. I didn't know anything, and then today I found out that it was the lead."

Beyoncé's self-titled new album has sold over a million copies on iTunes since its release on December 13.

Watch the music video for Beyoncé's 'XO' below:

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