Former Eastenders star Jimi Mistry has said that joining Coronation Street was not a difficult decision for him.

Mistry first appeared in the soap this week as Khalid who is a friend of Gary Windass’s from his army days.

ITV’s Lorraine Kelly asked him if it had been a hard decision and he said “not really, I have to be honest with you, because it's about the opportunity.

"I've done loads of things, a lot of travelling around the world doing this, that and the other.

"I met with Stuart [Blackburn] the producer and there was an opportunity to join the show. Corrie has been a big favourite of mine over the years. It gave me a great opportunity and the great thing about doing something like this is that the writing is so fantastic."

"As an actor, you get to work every day. It's a very rare thing for an actor and it's a gift to be given, to go into a show like Corrie. It wasn't really a tough decision for me."

He added "It's been an incredible experience, it really has. I have to say, people say it's like one big family - from the cast to the production office to the make-up department, the costume... it's one big happy family. Everyone's made me feel so welcome, it's been a really good experience so far."