Kanye West stormed off stage in Florida to reportedly give out to his lighting and sound technicians. Then he returned and compared himself to Nelson Mandela and Thomas Edison.

The 36-year-old rapper called a halt to his show last Saturday night shortly after he started his third song and demanded that all the lights and sound be shut down as he was unhappy.

According to The Tampa Tribune newspaper, Kanye said he wanted the lights to be turned down ''now'' and said a woman called Laura had forgotten to give him a ''deep voice'' effect on his microphone.

West also complained that the image of him on the venue's big screen was in colour when it was supposed to be showing him off to the 7,000 concert goers in monochrome.

The rapper eventually returned to the stage once the problems were rectified and continued his Yeezus tour with a crowd-pleasing performance of Send It Up before comparing himself to the likes of Nelson Mandela, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs in defence against his ''haters'', according to several attendees.