Doctors on Call is a brand new six-part magazine health show, presented by Morning Ireland's Dr Gavin Jennings, which airs tonight (Nov 13) on RTÉ One.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, the show's roving reporter Paul Walsh said: "This is a medical/health programme, referred to as a magazine show because it has several different features in each half hour episode. 

"With five presenters, it moves along with pace and manages to fit-in loads of interesting bits of information as well as some enthralling human stories."

He added: "The show is aimed at anyone who has an interest in health but it's also broad and fascinating enough to appeal to those who just want to be entertained on a Wednesday evening; from futuristic medical gadgets to the big health concerns of the Irish as well as the community challenge segment which I'm leading."

 As to what viewers can expect tonight, Walsh said: "Viewers can expect a fast-paced, modern health show with a few new faces, and engaging items to spark their interest. What surprised and excited me most was the investment made by those who took part in the community challenges. 

"They all had insightful and fascinating stories to tell about their lives, their past, their health and what led them to getting involved in the show. Their wonderful character, generosity of spirit and refreshingly honest language will shine through to the viewers at home."  

Watch Doctors on Call, tonight and every Wednesday night for the next six weeks on RTÉ One at 8:30pm 

Speaking about how he became involved with the TV show, he said: "I've been working in RTÉ on and off since 2008 and during that time I've contributed to numerous different shows with a wide variety of people. 

"Often when a new programme comes up, producers will trawl through the presenters they think would suit a role and then start making calls. As I worked in the HSE in the past, I guess my name came up and it seemed like a good fit, I obviously concurred!"

As to whether this was something he had always wanted to do, he laughed: "Ha, I'm not sure I ever really knew what I wanted to be, but I know that I found the experience of meeting and engaging with communities around the country an intensely rewarding one, perhaps even more than I had anticipated before the project began. 

"There is so much to learn and so many stories to be told and I like to think that we tapped into that as much as we could within the parameters we had -  I'm extremely grateful to all of the individuals I spoke to. 

"Growing up, Gay Byrne was the godfather of Irish presenting, and in many ways he always will be. He has composure, warmth, timing and an elegantly-delivered inquisitive nature."