The former Coronation Street actor, who played Curly Watts on the long-running soap, has revealed that he is "very proud" of his Irish roots.

Speaking to Brendan O'Connor on last night's (Nov 9) The Saturday Night Show the 52-year-old actor said: "I feel very comfortable here. I've brought my girls with me for the first time on this trip and I was showing them that this is where you get your romance, your storytelling and your sense of honour from – it's all from your Irish heritage, and I am very very proud of it."

Kennedy also revealed that he was in the original line-up of the indie-rock band The Smiths. He said: "Myself and Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke. We had a band when we were all 15. Music has always been running parallel with my life.

"I got signed by Simon Cowell, before Simon was actually God and then I went off to New Zealand, to Australia, made a gold album."

O'Connor also asked Kennedy – who is a big fan of the Irish soccer team – what he thinks of our new "dream team" managers Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane. Kennedy said: "I think they will be very good. I really do. O'Neil has won so much and Roy Keane, even though he plays for the other lot, I am a big [Manchester] City fan, he's done the world cup thing a few times, he has that knowledge and I think they will do very well. It's very exciting."

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