Love/Hate creator Stuart Carolan has described criticism of Keith Duffy's recent appearance on the show as "unkind" and dismissed accusations of animal cruelty on the show as "nonsense".

Speaking on Pat Kenny Show on newstalk this morning ahead of this Sunday night's finale of series four, Carolan said: "I think some of the backlash against him was a little unkind. Keith auditioned for it and he was perfect for the part and we cast him and I think he did a great job.

"He's only in it for a little bit and I think it's unfair because he was in Boyzone or he was in Coronation Street to be snobby about it and say therefore we can't use him because he did a great job.

"He did a lot of work for it, he spent two months training to bulk up for a few seconds on screen. He's a hard worker and he's a good actor so fair play to him."

Carolan also responded to accusations from animal rights group Aran who have said that Love/Hate inspires real-life incidents of animal cruelty.

"I divide it into two things - sometimes people who love animals find some scenes difficult to watch and I totally understand that but in regard to that organisation, I kind of felt it was a little looking for publicity and jumping on a bandwagon."

Negotiations are ongoing but Carolan also said that there would be an announcement about a US remake of the crime drama in the next few weeks.

Carolan said a remake would likely be a complete reinvention of the hit show which has attracted audiences of up to 870,000 on RTÉ One.