Former Westlife star Shane Filan has told RTÉ TEN that the group's mentor and X Factor judge, Louis Walsh, is his "Mr Positive".

The 34-year-old singer, who launches his debut solo album You and Me today [Friday, November 1], has insisted that Walsh was his rock during recent turbulent times in his life.

He said: "Louis is my Mr Positive, especially in the last couple of years. He was very supportive when I needed it most. He was really, really there for me. He just kept me focused and positive all the time about my career."

Filan continued: "I came out of Westlife and there was no guarantee of a record deal. There was no guarantee of anything. I suppose I needed a lot and he really supported me. Nothing is a problem with him, no matter what happens.

"After all of the stuff that happened to me, I was right down there. He was like, 'It's ok. We can fix it. It would be worse if you lost your voice'."

Filan added: "He kept on reminding me that I still had my voice, my wife and my kids and that's all I needed."

Speaking about his fans, Filan said: "I dedicated the album to my fans. I called it You and Me because it is - it's them and me. It's me and my fans hopefully making something good out of this over the next couple of years. Without them there is no point in me making albums. It's as simple as that. They've been amazing."

Filan will be among the guests on Friday night's Late Late Show on RTÉ One and will be signing copies of his album tomorrow (Saturday, November 2) at HMV in Dundrum at 11:00am.