Folk veteran Donovan says that he's proud to have helped The Beatles to write some of their most memorable songs and that he never dreamt he would still be talking about his time with the band all these years later.

“When I was in India with The Beatles, one of the deep areas John was getting in touch with was with his mother and I’m very connected with the song Julia," he told RTÉ Ten ahead of his gig in Dublin's Olympia this Saturday night (October 26th).

"John was diving deep and he said to me, 'You know how to write children’s songs. I’m trying to write on about my mother . . . ‘ Where the song came from may have been his deep, deep heartache with his mother.

"I had been playing daily, for hours, a certain guitar style and chord structure. It was the claw hammer style and John learned it and as he was picking, tunes were coming out and his mother came out . . . he was trying to write a song about a childhood he never had.

"At the same time George was doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps. John wrote – Dear Prudence. So my favourites from the album were the ones where I was sat in a jungle in India with John and George. And Paul wrote Blackbird . . . they went back to their roots and I was the guy who helped them I’m so pleased to say.“

The 68-year-old, who had hits with Catch the Wind and Mellow Yellow, has just released his new album, Shadows of Blue, and gave a talk on The Beatles' "White Album" in Trinity earlier this week.