Letterkenny duo Constant Supply deliver a killer debut bristling with menace and melody

Constant Supply are clearly students of the stealth school of rock `n’ roll. This terrific debut from guitarist/vocalist James Gillen and anchor-solid bassist Conal Sweeney may creep up on you like a half-remembered threat but the rippling dynamics and steely melodies will slowly enrapture and unsettle you. On Their Feet sees Gillen rage with throat-shredding alarm before he collapses into a whispered lament as the shimmering chords dart around him, Daft Quotes is all guitar scramble, snotty punk distain and killer rim shots, and on Requisite, the duo spirit up all the vexed confusion of Cobain on Nevermind. There are even echoes of The God Machine on Touch. There’s also a terrific sense of ebb and flow, grounded by the metronome of a drum machine throughout, and the gooey claustrophobia of Slint’s Spiderland can also be heard in these tight doses of post-rock. With surprise and seductive melody on their side, this well planned attack from Constant Supply will overrun your defences. ****

Download or buy physical from www.constantsupply.bandcamp.com

Alan Corr