Shame star Michael Fassbender has credited Brad Pitt with helping him to launch a successful career in the movie industry.

Speaking to People, the 36-year-old star said: "Brad is a wonderful human being who has a generous soul. I have a lot of reasons to thank him. He has always been a real champion for me.

"After we first worked together, he was talking to a lot of people in Hollywood about me, and I really thank him for doing that. Brad not only supported me, but he also encouraged and helped other young talent. He is one of those guys that we need in the industry."

When asked if they are best pals, Michael joked: "I don't know about that, because he never returns my phone calls or emails. I've been following him ever since. I'm trying to get involved in any film he's doing so I can be with him!"

Fassbender and Pitt have starred in Inglourious Basterds, The Counselor and 12 Years a Slave together.