Luther star Idris Elba has said that he is thankful for his "great career," but wouldn't mind if he didn't work again should his upcoming film Long Walk to Freedom be a flop.

The 41-year-old, who plays former South African President Nelson Mandela in the flick, explained that he knows people are going to "judge" him on his role.

Speaking to Esquire magazine, Elba said: ''People are going to judge me for this role. I don't look like Mandela, some say I don't deserve it. Whatever.

''For me, it's important I am who I am, as I present this piece to the world. I'm 40 and I've had a great career. I'm alright to be myself at this point. Look, if I never work again, I don't care. I did my bit, you know?''

Idris Elba recently said that fame has ruined his love life and the only women that approach him nowadays are autograph-hunters.