Ivor is hoping for a start in modelling in tonight's Damo & Ivor, (10.00pm, RTÉ Two) while the new series, In Your Shoes (5.00pm RTÉ Two) features eight contestants, and an exciting trip to Costa Rica. Nationwide meets the cast of Heartbeat of Home at 7.00pm, RTÉ One.

Damo & Ivor, 10.00pm RTÉ Two
Ivor decides to get a job so he joins Elitest modelling agency to show off his handsomeness. Fame goes to his head very quickly and when his pompous behaviour upsets his agent she decides to show him who’s boss. Grano reveals a secret to Damo and tells him that he has a twin brother. An elated Damo begins his search to find him. Damo’s neighbour Tracey gets him on to The Henry Vile Show on TV to make a plea for his brother, but cunning Tracey has other motives for bringing Damo on the show.

In Your Shoes, 5.00pm RTÉ Two
Spring 2013, and eight young people meet for the first time in Delphi Training Lodge in Galway. Four are able-bodied while four had physical disabilities (some from birth, some acquired). In Delphi, the group bond and learn the ropes. But while they learn new skills (abseiling, climbing, orienteering, kayaking) they haven’t a clue where this is leading to. At the end of the first episode they are told their destination, two remote outposts in the Central American country of Costa Rica. The eight partcipants fly to Costa Rica where they undergo – as paired-up teams of one abled-bodied and one disabled person – a series of physical, outdoor sport-oriented tasks. Over six half-hour programmes they surf, climb, raft and attempt many other exciting challenges.

Nationwide, 7.00pm RTÉ One
Nationwide meets the musicians, dancers, choreographers and organisers behind the Heartbeat of Home dance show. Also in the programme, presenter Mary Kennedy chats to singer/songwriter Lucia Evans from the dance show. Lucia talks about her African heritage, her Irish husband and winning RTÉ’s You’re A Star competition. Mary pays her a visit at her home at Knocknacarra in Galway.