Coronation Street fans are set to see the Rovers Return change hands.

Warning: spoiler alert!

The show's website says that Steve (Simon Gregson) buys the pub as "a surprise romantic gesture" for Michelle (Kym Lomas).

Actor Gregson said: "Steve is well aware of everything that is happening at Michelle's work with Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and he knows how unhappy she is.

"Michelle says something to him about how she liked being in charge, so Steve thinks: '"Well why don't we buy the Rovers and I will make her the boss and she will be dead happy!'"

Gregson continued: "Stella (Michelle Collins) doesn't think it is a great idea. She knows that this is not something he should do as a secret. She tries to warn him but he doesn't want to listen. He just thinks Michelle would love it.

"He thinks he is being romantic, that it is better than buying her a diamond ring."

He continued: "On face value Steve is buying the pub for her [Michelle] but there is no doubt that he likes the idea of standing behind the bar and being at the centre of the community.

"Steve hasn't really thought about the work aspect of it. He likes to hide away in his little cab office and do as little as possible."

Gregson revealed that there is also a twist in the tale.

"Well not only has he bought the Rovers secretly, he has enlisted his mum's (Liz, played by Beverley Callard) help and kept that a secret too," he said.

"Steve and Michelle are the licensees and he thinks Liz will be a silent partner... but then she arrives in Weatherfield!"