Dexter star Michael C Hall has admitted that the final episode of the serial killer drama "may well be polarising".

The former Six Feet Under actor told TV Guide that he "feels good" about how the Showtime drama draws to a close, but echoed Dexter producer Sara Colleton's comments that the series finale may provide divisive.

"I feel like it may well be polarising," said Hall. "I think it will be a broad spectrum in terms of the response to how the show ends."

Hall also said that he would be "glad" to move on to new projects, but hopes that fans consider Dexter to have been a "consistently compelling and cohesive . . . ride".

"If you play a character long enough as an actor, your sense of acting and your sense of playing that specific character become fused in a way that it's sort of a mind bender," he said.

"I'm glad to sort of disengage from this particular guy and move on to other things."

Dexter's final episode airs on Showtime in the US this Sunday (September 22nd) and on UK satellite channel Fox the following Sunday, September 29th.