Coronation Street star Michelle Collins has said that her character Stella Price will struggle to cope with the shocking news of Karl's exploits on the soap.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Next week in the soap, Stella finds herself at the centre of the controversy following Karl's arrest for starting the fire in the Rovers Return.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Collins said: "She's completely broken. Stella is quite a fragile thing - she may act the feisty landlady, but behind that she's delicate and vulnerable and this just completely knocks her for six.

"It's not just the fact that he was behind the fire that shakes her, but the extent to which he tried to pull the wool over her eyes once again and cover his tracks. Stella sees that behaviour as being calculated. Once again she has failed to detect his lies.

"She's absolutely devastated. She feels completely undone. This is beyond humiliation for her now. She never for one second imagined that Karl would be capable of causing this much devastation and the realisation is completely earth-shattering for her."

In scenes where Dev tries to get through to her by telling herself to look at the big picture and not to blame herself, she finally breaks down.

Collins added: "Stella feels so much to blame for what's happened and she knows she should have listened to Dev when he told her not to forgive Karl the first time round.

"Dev knows that Stella is blaming herself but he has had much longer to process the truth than she has. The pain on Stella's face is so visible to him.

"It is Dev who forces Stella to listen to him when she's in a drunken state and insists that she must not blame herself for what's happened in any way.

"She ends up breaking down on Dev, which leaves her feeling mortified when she sobers up."

Speaking about the future for Stella, Collins said: "At this stage, she can't see a way out. She's at her lowest ebb really, being eaten away by a whole host of emotions.

"Karl is in the walls of the Rovers and as long as she's there she can't see a way of escaping him."