This weekend theDown with Jazz Festival takes place in Dublin's Meeting House Square.

The festival is a tongue in cheek response to the anti-jazz movement which took place in Ireland in the 1930s, which label the foreign import as "devil's music".

Speaking to RTÉ TEN about the event, Festival Director, Gerry Godley said: "Had Father Ted been around in the 1930s, he would have loved Ireland's anti-jazz movement.

"80 years, the music is in very good nick and embraced everything from swing, R'n'B and blues, and even grooves from India and the Balkans, all of which you can hear from Ireland's leading players over the three days of Down With Jazz, under the canopy at Meeting House Square".

The festival is an alternative for those not attending this weekend's GAA hurling final and as you can see, the musicians are ready for the jazz/GAA clash!

Down with Jazz Festival takes place this weekend kicking off on Friday September 6 at 7.30pm in Meeting House Square. For further information click here

Check out the Down with Jazz promo here – recognise any theme tunes?

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