Music mogul Simon Cowell has opened up about seeing the scan of his and socialite Lauren Silverman's unborn baby, and admits it was a ''surreal'' moment.

The 53-year-old X-Factor judge told The Times newspaper that he is "looking forward" to fatherhood, saying:  ''Yes, I am. I just went to see a scan and it is just surreal. You see this thing which is now alive moving around. So I am happy.''

Cowell further explained that he won't become a walkover when he becomes a dad, adding: ''I can assure you: I won't go too soft.''

Simon previously expressed his joy over becoming a parent, saying: ''I'm proud to be a dad. It's something I hadn't thought of before, but now I know I feel good about it.

''Things are changing in my life right now, for the better. She [Lauren]'s a very special girl.''