She has an "Aladdin’s cave" dedicated to all things Shane Lynch and she’s even created Lynch Land, her very own private world where she meets the boyzoner and plays out their would-be life together.

This is Jax, the ultimate Shane Lynch fan and she meets her idol on a new series which is due to start on the Discovery Channel. Jax is just one of many fans who meet their idols on Superstars and Superfans which begins on Discovery on September 10th.

Also among that lucky lot is Victoria. She also has a fixation with an Irish boy band – Westlife. Victoria has created her very own Westlife “hall of fame” in her hallway, dubbed the Westlife Passage, which is filled with pictures of her favourite pop act.

We’ll also meet Theresa on the new series to find out about her obsession with Rod Stewart. She’s attended over 150 of his concerts and she keeps a memento of each one in her “Rod Room.”

That’s nothing compared to Phillip, who has every piece of Tony Christie memorabilia going including a Tony Christie burp, preserved in a jar. Meanwhile, Mandy has covered her body – and car – in pictures of EastEnders star Shane Richie.

Also featured on the series are ex-Pussycat Doll., Kimberly Wyatt, millionaire Paul Daniels, A1, Coolio, Alex Reid and Paul Burrell.