British comic actor Simon Pegg says he wants to appear in the upcoming third X-Files movie.

The World's End star revealed that he has always been a fan of the US sci-fi TV show, and would jump at the chance of playing a role in the latest feature.

“I was a big fan of The X-Files and I've become friends with Gillian Anderson since,” he told The Sun.

“I've always loved that show so it's definitely something I'd consider. It's a great story and it would be nice to see it continue.”

Pegg has already shown his sci-fi chops as Scotty in the Star Trek reboots and he's hung out with an alien in the 2011 movie Paul but he said he would only appear in the new X-Files flick if the show's original stars returned. “It has to be with David Duchovny and with Gillian.”