The Xtra Factor's new presenter Matt Richardson has spoken about replacing Olly Murs on the show.

Speaking to Digital Spy Richardson said, "I lost sleep over replacing Olly Murs."

He also said he's not trying to fill Olly's shoes and he wants to do something completely different with his role.

Fans of Olly Murs have been tweeting Richardson expressing their disappointment that Murs will no longer co-host the show.

Richardson said, "It's quite hard when 60 people a day tweet you saying they wish you were someone else, but I don't really get it any more. People are cool with the idea that I'm doing it."

As a comedian Richardson thinks he will bring something new to the role, "I think the show employed a comedian to bring a different edge to the show, and I think that's what will happen. But I don't plan to say anything that will make me lose my job."

Co-host of The Xtra Factor, Caroline Flack, said there will be a totally different dynamic between her and Richardson than there was with Olly.

Flack said, "Matt and I have slipped into it very easily. I thought it might take us a while to find our feet because it was all new for him but he and I naturally get on really well."

She continued, "We're having a lot of fun. He brings something we've not had before. He's a comedian so obviously there will be comedy on the show, in a different way from before."

She also commented that there will be less flirting with her co-host this year, "The difference is Olly and I would flirt quite a lot, whereas Matt and I will fight like brother and sister."