Chris Carter has been talking about the storyline for his planned third X-Files movie.

The writer-director who created the cult sci-fi series suggested that after 2008's relatively small-scale X-Files: I Want to Believe, any follow-up would be broader in scope and would also tackle the December 22, 2012 colonisation date mentioned in the TV series.

"It's really up to 20th Century Fox, whether they have the will to do it," Carter told movie magazine Empire. "I think all of us are interested in putting the band back together.

“I have an idea for a third movie in my head. The colonisation date has passed and that is something we wouldn't ignore.

"For the second movie, we only had the budget for a stand-alone story, but we want to go back to the mythology."

Carter also revealed that British actor Simon Pegg - who starred with X File star Gillian Anderson in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and is a noted fan of the show - almost appeared in I Want to Believe.

"We actually thought about putting him in the second movie, but there was no part for him," said Carter. "I certainly would think about him if we were to go forward in any way."