Luther creator Neil Cross has ruled out a return to the small screen for the BBC crime drama.

Following the conclusion of the third season earlier this year, Cross announced plans to "wrap up" the cult hit and develop a film spin-off.

Idris Elba, who stars as DCI John Luther, said that he would not rule out a fourth season as he is "very loyal" to the audience.

However, Elba later admitted that the recent third run would probably mark the end of Luther's television run.

Speaking at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Cross confirmed that the show is "finished" on television.

When asked about its future, Cross replied: "There is none.

"The show's finished. Idris, as he should be, he's gone on to be a big movie star."

However, Cross did confirm plans for a film based on the drama, adding: "I think there will be a Luther movie - that's the plan."