Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul has promised that the show’s upcoming final episodes will be "crazy".

The actor – who plays Jesse Pinkman - hinted to Access Hollywood that fans should expect twists and turns before the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman comes to an end.

"Each season of Breaking Bad gets progressively darker and this final season, each episode just gets more and more intense," he said. "And just hold on because it's about to get really, really, really crazy."

Paul celebrated the airing of the most recent episode by calling ten of his Twitter followers and freely admits that he feels that he owes them his career.

"Usually I would just send out a tweet with the number to a payphone and I would just stand by the payphone for a half hour or an hour and talk directly to my fans because without them, I wouldn't have a career or this business would not exist,” he said. "Doing that, I get to meet really interesting, cool, fun people."

Breaking Bad continues on Sunday nights on AMC in the US, with the final episodes available the following day exclusively in Ireland on Netflix.

Here's the YouTube clip of Aaron Paul meeting up with some Irish fans: