Lottie Moggach's debut novel Kiss Me First explores the dark side of social media.

In the book, the protagonist Leila has never met Tess, but she now knows more about Tess than anyone in the world.

She has read all of her emails, researched her past and asked Tess for every detail about her friends and family. If Tess wants to slip away from the world unnoticed, she needs to trust Leila with her life.

At first, Leila finds it easy to assume Tess’s identity, and no one has any reason to distrust her. But as Leila is soon to discover, there is much more to a person than the facts, and there are things about life you can learn only by living it.

Amazon summarised this much talked-about novel as follows: "A chilling and intense first novel . . . the story of a solitary young woman drawn into an online world run by a charismatic web guru who entices her into impersonating a glamorous but desperate woman."

Emma Chapman, author of How To Be a Good Wife has raved about Kiss Me First. "With Leila, Lottie Moggach walks a wonderful line between sympathy and horror. Riveting and thought-provoking, Kiss Me First is the intelligent novel of the social media age I’ve been waiting for."

Moggach is a journalist who has written for The Times, Financial Times, Time Out, Elle, GQ and The London Paper. She lives in north London. Kiss Me First is published by Pan Macmillan.