Coronation Street star Ben Price has said that fans of the soap will see a much different side to his character Nick in the future.

Warning: spoiler alert!

When crash victim Nick wakes up from his coma his personality will have changed, with Price saying that the character's anger is "off the scale".

He told The Sun: "His character totally flips. He gets obsessive and he isn't rational at all. When the girls fuss over him, he reacts very, very angrily - every part of him is floundering.

"People have always been very kind to me when I meet them on the street because Nick is 'Mr Nice', but when they see him change, I expect them to shout at me instead."

Price has described the storyline as his best on the soap to date and he worked with the brain injury charity Headway to make his portrayal as accurate as possible.

"Physically a person can look the same after time but under the surface, their personality can change," he said. "It affects relationships so much - it's not about the survival, it is about the years ahead."