In a new twist to the Rovers Return fire storyline, Coronation Street arsonist Karl (John Michie) discovers his alibi is in jeopardy.

Warning: spoiler alert!

The show's official website says that in next week's episodes Karl finds youngster Craig (Colson Smith) in tears.

A guilt-ridden Craig reveals that he thinks he is responsible for the fire because he threw away his lit cigarette when he saw Karl leaving the pub on the night.

Having told the police that he was at the Bistro at the time of the blaze, Karl knows that Craig could ruin his cover story and so uses scare tactics to keep the boy quiet.

He tells Craig that if anyone finds out about him throwing away the cigarette he could go to prison for the deaths of Sunita and Toni the firefighter.

Actor Michie told the soap's website: "He's hoping that he can scare Craig enough so he doesn't say anything until way after the wedding. By that time Karl will be in Spain and he has no intention of ever coming back to Weatherfield.

"Karl is a scary man, especially to a young kid like Craig. I think Craig is very scared of Karl so he will do whatever he says."