The upcoming Family Guy/Simpson’s episode may be an hour long and it just might (whisper it) include a chicken fight between Peter and Homer.

The cartoon mash-up is expected to air as an hour-long premiere to open the new season of Family Guy next year and Rich Appel, currently a co-executive producer on Family Guy and formerly a producer on The Simpsons, has hinted at what may be in store when Springfield and Quahog mix it up.

"[The crossover is] gonna be the season premiere in a year, but it's a super-sized episode - it may be an hour episode," said Appel.

"We were thrilled - Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Hank Azaria, Yeardley Smith, Nancy Cartwright . . . they all play their parts."

Appel says that the special was penned by the Family Guy writing staff, with just "two notes" from Simpsons execs Matt Groening, Al Jean and James L Brooks.

"As soon as Dan opened his mouth with his first Homer line, there was a wave of applause," Appel said of the first script read-through.

"[And] there may or may not be a 5-minute Chicken fight between Peter and Homer!"

The Simpsons will also cross over with another Matt Groening creation - the constantly endangered animated sci-fi comedy Futurama - in an upcoming episode.