New Irish band The Carnival Brothers say they're very proud of their family connections to Cavan r`n'b tyros The Strypes.

John Walsh, mandolin and guitarist with the new act, was in 90s Cavan trio The Firefiys and his former bandmate and cousin Niall is the father of Strypes' powerhouse drummer Evan. Niall also works as the teen band's manager.

The Carnival Brothers association and this new music generation doesn't end there - Strypes guitarist Josh McClory is the son of former Fireflys' roadie, Tommy.

"We spelt our name as The Fireflys as it just looked better. You'll notice that the Strypes have carried on that tradition as they are The Strypes not The Stripes. It all started with The Beatles I suppose . . . " quipped John.

The Carnival Brothers were formed by Walsh and features ex-members of Bell X 1, The Frames and Las Vegas Basement.

Their debut single, The Sun Is Gonna Shine, has already won fans such as Mike Scott of The Waterboys and the band are due to make their first TV appearance on Miriam O'Callaghan's show next Saturday night.