Ed Sheeran has won so many awards he hands them out as party gifts to friends.

The 22-year-old star admitted that he has no more room for his accolades at home, so leaves them by his front door so friends can take them as they leave.

The Daily Star newspaper quote the singer as saying: ''There are only so many you can put out on the wall.

''So I prefer for my friends to celebrate my success as well and have it in their living room. All of my friends have them.''

It was recently revealed that Ed and his friend Taylor Swift penned their hit Everything Has Changed while hanging out on a trampoline.

Taylor said: ''Me and Ed Sheeran wrote Everything Has Changed sitting on a trampoline! We loved it so much that we ended up recording it as a duet.''

Ed and Taylor have also joked if they each win at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards (VMAs) they will celebrate by dressing up as rappers.