One Direction star Harry Styles has admitted that he is a huge fan of Sex and the City.

The 19-year-old star claims the hit-series starring Sarah Jessica Parker is a ''great show''.

Speaking to Radio 1, Harry said: ''Our last argument ... it's been a while. I think it was about what film we had on a bus, but the people who work with us, we have a couple of females on one of the buses, and I don't mean to be stereotypical but they just want to watch Sex And The City marathons all the time.''

''It's a great show by the way. I'd never seen it before, I'm on series two now.''

Harry further admitted that it's hard to always look the part as he has a limited wardrobe on the road, adding: ''I actually really miss clean clothes. We have laundry days but you still only have the same six t-shirts, same two pairs of jeans.

''There's machines so sometimes we do [laundry]. Sometimes we sit there watching it go around.''